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[FAQ] Union and Union War [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2014-08-28 00:35:02
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It's more fun to play with other players around the world so union is the place for gathering and work together for the same goal like turf war and union war.

Q: Where is the union
A:  When reach certain lv along the story line the union icon will show up

Q: How to create or join an union
A: Players can create an union of their own and it cost 10,000 gold; Click the Join and find the union you want to be in and apply

Q: What I can do in an union
A: There are 5 labels in the union panel: General, Union Help, Members, Union Log, Management
Can get Union Benefit (Available after 24 hours join the union)
Union Upgrade: Contribute use gold and gem to add contribution to union, also 3 consecutive days' bonus

Union Help:
Players can send request to other union members to ask them to send squads to enforce their next battle

It shows the name,level,ranking, contribution this week, total contribution, latest login (For leader or elder to judge to expel an inactive player or not if new application shows)

Union Log:
Join Application, Quit & Join Union, Promotion & Demotion

Management(For leader or elder only):
Logo & Description: Change it to attract more players to the union
Application: New appliers' notice
Send mail to all:To let the whole union to be noted something like union upgrade,turf war or union war

Q: What is turf war and what shoud I do
A: Turf war is where unions to fight for the gold, click union--->enter, choose a fort the union want to conquer and send troops there.

Q: How many squads can be sent and how
A: As we can see from the top left of the turf war, it's 20 so union leader try to recruit many members as possible in order to win the battle. When choose a fort, there will be 3 options, left, center, right, select one and click send troops and select one of your squad and the fort will show red to show the next battle count down spot
1. There are 4 forts in each zone. Union members can collect corresponding gold reward after occupying a fort.
2. Gold reward will double if one union occupies all forts in a zone.
3. Rewards can be collected until the next round of Turf War begins.

Q: What is Union War
A: Union War is a new game feature for players to gain items like tokens, glorifying materials and gold. If the Union's total contribution reaches 5000 before the next round, it's qualified for the union war. More details: In game rules.

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