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[FAQ] Trophy Introduction [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2014-08-27 22:37:48
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Q:What is trophy
A: Trophy represents the achievement players have obtained in the game.

Q: What does trophy do
A: It gives players bonus rewards when complete some certain requirement during the game playing

Q: How many kinds of trophy are there in the game
A: Currently there are 5 kinds of them: General, PVP, Union, Friends, Collection

Q: What are the rewards for trophy
A:  Some are gems and some are random hero card, more details go to Trophy icon

Q: I didn't get some of the trophy description, can you explain more
A: Ok, we'll go through from general to collection

Get XX campaign stars: Go to battle map and to gain all the 3 stars above a flag
Complete Challenge XX:  Certain step in a map the challenge map will show, finish all level of difficulty to complete
Pass stair XX in Stairways: Stairway will be availalbe when players reach lv 20
Log in for XX days in a row: Go to More--->Check in then Collect

XX tactical overmatches: win a battle when your AP(army power, the one below players' name, cross sword icon) is lower than your opponent
Won the Championship: become the Final winner

Get XX union contribution: Create an union or join one then there is contribute button
Donate 50 troopers to the union: When union member request help and send squad

More details--->Ingame Facebook login and rewards

Collect XX suites in gallery: suite means the group of heroes combination, more details--->Gallery

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