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[FAQ] VIP, Shop and Pedlar [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2014-08-27 18:35:45
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War is cruel so get yourself fully armed to the teeth before start any battle.

Shop and VIP are 2 strong backup in the game to become a powerful lord which can be found on the top right of the game

Q: How do I become a VIP if I want to power up myself and how long does it last
A: Click "Special"--->VIP then click "Buy" and it lasts 30 days (Which shows in VIP panel)

Q: What bonus I can get from VIP
A: The privilege are below
     Receive a random item every day (Need to click "Claim" button)
     Upgrade 2 barracks at the same time (Fast upgrade)
     See battle result at once (Save time)
     AP +10% for all combat units (More powerful)
     Caravan grants 30% more gold (More gold)
     No cool-down after defeat in arena (Fast counter)

Q: What I can get from Shop
A: Players can get items for daily usage (Training,Raid,Loot,Campaign);Heroes from Lucky Draw to fulfill the Gallery(Recommended work with Pedlar);Mount that add 3 passive skills and extra training EXP for heroes;Chip from magic machine to trade items

Q: Where I can get Chip
A: When players' level reach 15, the magic tent will be available. Players can get 1000 free chip everyday (Click the "+" next to the Chip amount to collect)to play the magic machine and also can buy 1000 chip 1 time as VIP

Q: Where I can get Gems
A: Click the "Buy Gems" is the quickest way to get them. Also there are extra bonus for the total gems purchase like 5-star hero, 5-star weapon, 5-star armor in the Buy Gems panel

Q: Where is pedlar and what does it do
A:  Currently pedlar will be available when players reach lv30 and it provides the Hero,Item,Token trade.
Pedlar is recommended to work together with the lucky draw from the shop to get certain class of heroes

Use magic Report

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