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[FAQ] Hero Introduction [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2014-08-27 01:10:00
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As heroes play an important role in the game so it's good to know them better and put them into good use.

WOW! A 5-star Infantries Hero comes out from a 4-star draw!

If others see this from the world chat, they always type congrats to the player who gets it. Why? Because 5-star heroes are rare and powerful, so let's have an interview with one of them, Assar Dark Curse

"Wow, you look great,Assar" (Reporter looks tiny in front of Assar)
"Thanks" (Low voice)
"So tell us how does it feel to be a 5-star hero"
"It feels good, I can easily beat our enemy"
"How do you do that"
"You know, I have higher MIN attack, MAX attack, HP"
"How about your soldiers, you fight alone?"
"No, teamwork is important, I also own 3 passive skills that can help team act better in the battle"
"3 passive skills! That's more than other 3 and 4 stars"
"So 5-star is the highest you can get now?"
"No, 6 stars is my next goal"
"6 stars! You are unstoppable"
"Yeah, it's only for 5-star, the glorify"
"So last question, can you tell us where your lord gets you?"
"It's not a secret, my lord gets me using gem(laugh)"
"How much is that?"
"I'd rather you find in the Shop--->Buy gems(laugh)"
"Ok, thank you very much for today's interview"

So here is our today's interview with Assar Dark Curse, for more information about 5-star, go to Shop---Lucky Draw, More---Check in, The Pedlar(available at lv30)---Hero
Wanna see how all stars heroes fight together, click here--->Gallery

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