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[FAQ] Formation and Barrack [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2014-08-27 00:08:06
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  Fight for Lord!Fight for honor!
  Here comes the time our army goes to the battleground, but don't be such a hurry, let's hear what our newbie commanders ask

Q: What is formation and what does it do
A: Formation means how the squad be arranged and it helps to reduce the loss in the battle

Q: How many squads I can put in formation
A: As players' lord reaches certain level (Available in Barrack) more squads can be put into formation and 10 is the most

Q: How many types of squads are there in the formation
A: There are 8 types of squads: Human Infantry, Human Archer, Human Wizard, Human Knight; Orc Infantry, Goblin Archer, Lich Wizard, Undead Knight

Q: What's the difference among those different squads
A: As we can see there are mainly 4 kinds of army, Infantry, Archer, Wizard and Knight.
Infantry: High HP, Low attack, Short attack range
Archer: Medium HP, Medium attack, Medium attack range
Wizard: Low HP, High attack, Long attack range
Knight: Medium HP, Medium attack, Medium attack range (Currently aims to distract enemy from behind)

Q: How should I arrange my army if I want to win
A: As we already know the difference among different squads so the basic formation is to put Infantry the first line, Archer the second, Wizard the third. But this doesn't mean you will win everytime, so players need to scout the opponents' formation before attack and re-arrange own formation according like less Infantry, more Archer; less Archer, more Wizard etc.

Q: What do heroes do in the formation
A: Heroes as an extra force far more powerful than common soldiers with active skill also they can bring extra bonus such as HP addition, Max AP+Min AP (Passive skill) to own squad so they play an important role in the battle. Remember, players need to put the heroes match the army type to make the Passive skill work, like infantry hero for infantry squad

Q: What are active commander attributes in Barrack and how to own them
A: Active commander attributes show as green points in Barrack the more it increases, the powerful heroes players can have. Players can need to put certain heroes in formation to activate it, e.g the first 3 heroes players get from the game(Baegil the Loyal,Martasha the Blessed,Tucca the Wise can earn 6 points which also show green line in hero introduction panel), to add certain percentage of AP and HP. It works as well when heroes equip certain weapon or armor

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